Running List of Events

This article contains a running list of events for the 9th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week:

Click here for the EVENT DETAILS.  (updated on 12/20/17)

Week Long Events:

  • Brewery Tours
  • Brewery Hours (Scroll Down)

Daily Events: 

Saturday, February 24th:
* 5th Annual Seacoast Winter Brewfest @ Portsmouth Gaslight Company. Two Sessions.

Sunday, February 25th:
* Book, Beer and a Movie night @ Portsmouth Book and Bar.  Starting @ 7:00 PM.

Monday, February 26th: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* Rare Beer Night @ Thirsty Moose Portsmouth.  Starting @ 5:00 PM.
* Burger and Beer Night @ Fat Belly’s Bar & Grill From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, February 27th:  Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* Coming Soon!

Wednesday, February 28th: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* IPA night @ Row 34.  TBD
* Beer, Cheese & Chocolate Pairing @ Throwback Brewery. Starting at 6:00 PM.

Thursday, March 1st: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* New Belgium Sour Sampling @ Raleigh Wine Bar.  From 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Friday, March 2nd: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* Coming Soon!

Saturday, March 3rd: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* 2018 Bock Fest @ Liar’s Bench.  From 2:00 to 6:00 PM.

Sunday, March 4th: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* Sour Sunday @ Thirsty Moose Portsmouth.  All Day.
* 5th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week Hangover Cure Tour @ WHYM Craft Beer Cafe. Starting @ 11:00 AM.

Monday, March 5th: Click here for the EVENT DETAILS
* Coming Soon!.

Brewery Tasting Hours

* 7th Settlement:
* Beara Irish:
* Chapel and Main:
* Deciduous:
* Earth Eagle:
* Four Pines:
* Garrison City:
* Great Rhythm:
* Liar’s Bench:
* Neighborhood:
* Portsmouth Brewery:
* Some Brewing:
* Smuttynose:
* Throwback:
* Woodland Farms:
* More coming soon!