Brewer’s Discretion – Part 3

February 27, 2019 @ 9:00 am
Liar's Bench
459 Islington St #4
NH 03801

Brewer’s Discretion

TIME: Unknown

The downtown Portsmouth Breweries are offering a series of coordinated brews identical in malt & hop bills with varying individual yeast strains chosen by the host breweries for interest & diversity. Each Brewery will host their own release on non-competing, non sequential days, for maximum impact. The final products will all be available on Sunday at Earth Eagle Brewings with the release of EEB’s batch for vertical tasting. Facebook event is forthcoming.

– Saturday, February 23rd @ Portsmouth Brewery.
– Monday, February 25th @ Loaded Question.
– Wednesday, February 27th @ Liar’s Bench.
– Friday, March 1st @ Great Rhythm.
– Sunday, March 3rd @ Earth Eagle Brewings.