Brewer’s Discretion – Part 5

March 3, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Earth Eagle Brewings
165 High St
NH 03801
pay as you go

Brewer’s Discretion

Ever wondered what makes a beer taste different from the next? This year, the 5 downtown Portsmouth breweries have banded together to create a series of “Brewer’s Discretion” ales to demonstrate just that.

Great Rhythm, Liars Bench Beer Co., Loaded Question, Portsmouth Brewery, & Earth Eagle Brewings have traded signature yeast strains to create a collaborative series of unique pale ales designed to be compared, contrasted, & consumed!

Individual releases will be staggered throughout Portsmouth Beer Week, with a final serving of ALL 5 of the Brewer’s Discretion ales tapped at noon for comparison at Earth Eagle on Sunday, March 3rd!

This years base beer consists of: 2-row barley, pilsner malt, wheat malt, a touch of aromatic malt, & flaked oat. All beers are brewed with American cascade hops, highlighting yeast as our variable for this years series.

Individual releases as follows:
– Monday, 2/25 @ 3:00 PM: Loaded Question Brewing Co. brewing with Conan Yeast from Great Rhythm
– Wednesday, 2/27 @ 12:00 PM : Liars Bench Beer Company brewing with WL 550 Belgian yeast from Loaded Question
– Thursday, 2/28 @ 8:00 PM(ish): The Portsmouth Brewery brewing with 1450 Denny’s Favorite from Earth Eagle Brewings
– Friday, 3/1 @ 12:00 PM : Great Rhythm Brewing Company brewing with Kveik Yeast from Liars Bench
– Sunday, 3/3 @ 12:00 PM: Earth Eagle Brewings brewing with S11 French Saison Yeast from Portsmouth Brewery.

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