What We Do

Portsmouth Beer Week is about, above all else, a love of beer.

The 9th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week is a collective celebration of beer within the Portsmouth, NH community.  Local breweries (including Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose, Redhook, Throwback, Earth Eagle, Great Rhythm, Stoneface, Beara Irish, Liar’s Bench, Four Pines, 7th Settlement, Chapel and Main, Deciduous, Garrison City, Neighborhood, Some Brewing, Woodland Farms and regional breweries will also be teaming up with local establishments to provide some unique offerings to their draft lineups.

Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment, so we can push Portsmouth further along into the national eye as the great beer city that we locally know it as.

Check out the calendar of events for a guide of what’s going on.   Stay in touch by following @PortsBeerWeek, #PBW2018 #PBW18 and #NHBeer on twitter.

If you want to get involved, please let us know.

Who we are

About 2beerguys.com


We are a team of like-minded craft beer lovers, spreading the good word about craft beer.  We are craft beer drinkers and most importantly, craft beer educators.  With the abundance of choices, knowledge will set us free..

Founded in 2006 by Ian (@CraftBeerEd) and Sean (@2Beerguys), the brew krew has added many additional beer ambassadors, including Ryan (@ThirstyNoBeard), Amber (@aljpeace), Jen (@Jlj_love), Cam (CamBKane), Chris (@TWBDrapeau), Kristen, George, Lisa, Nick

Mission: To inspire and grow the craft beer industry, one beer at a time.  Join us on the crusade.

About Seacoast Beverage Lab.com


Seacoast Beverage Lab is a site dedicated to all things anti-prohibition in the Seacoast area of the USA. I (Brian) love talking about beer, wine, drinks, etc. and the Portsmouth area has a lot to offer in all of the above. Consider me a guy passes the time ranting and raving about everything from Breweries to Cocktail Lounges to Dive Bars in our area. While SBL is a local blog by name, I love to try beers from around the world and travel the world to find great beer. I like to blog about my travels and my interactions with other beverage lovers and I hope you enjoy reading about them.  Follow me on twitter @SeascoastBevLab.

Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

– We are a collection of 800 local businesses that are stronger together than we are apart.
– We are small business. Most members have less than 10 employees.
– We are diverse! Within our membership you will find accountants, acupuncturists, architects, artists, attractions and auto part suppliers, and that’s just the A’s!
– We are member led. Our Board of Directors is made up of members that guide our staff on how we serve our members.

Visit us at http://portsmouthchamber.org/


A beer week requires an army — Cheers to the Portsmouth Beer Week Army!

Additional Support/Planning Provided by:

Craft Beer Wizard – Bill Harris

Granite State Growler Tours – Dave Adams – NHBeerBus.com

Active Beer Geek – Benjamin Moore – Activebeergeek.com

Benjamin Moore from Active Beer Geek is a new contributor for Portsmouth Beer Week this year. First off, Ben writes about fitness and craft beer out of Southern Maine for Active Beer Geek. Ben is also doing a series of videos for Portsmouth Beer Week to showcase the breweries & venues involved. Ben is very excited to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for craft beer with Portsmouth.

Hop Head United – Seth Simonian – HopHeadUnited.com

Founded in 2014 by Seth Simonian (@hopheadunited) and Joe Tingley. We are a marketing arm for the Craft Beer industry that strives to live in the same creative and innovative environment that the brewers live in. We are looking to provide a unique and unrivaled experience where we pair the brewers with their beer and tell the stories behind the beer!